Sheet Metal Hardware

Options for PEM hardware

We provide hundreds of hardware products—from screws to fasteners—specifically designed for sheet metal fabrication.

Readily available or stocked hardware listed below by hardware type.

Self-Clinching Nuts

SS-M5-2 SP-M3-2 SMPS-M25 S-M3-0 S-632-3 CLSS-M5-2 CLS-M3-0 CLS-440-1
SS-M5-1 SP-M3-1 SMPS-440 SL-M5-2 S-632-2 CLSS-032-3 CLS-M2-2 CLS-440-0
SS-032-3 SP-M3-0 SMPS-256 SL-M4-2 S-632-1 CLSS-032-2 CLS-832-3 CLS-0420-3
SS-032-2 SP-832-2 S-M6-2 SL-M3-2 S-632-0 CLSS-032-1 CLS-832-2 CLS-0420-2
SP-M6-2 SP-632-2 S-M6-1 SL-M3-1 S-440-3 CLS-M6-2 CLS-832-1 CLS-0420-1
SP-M6-1 SP-632-1 S-M4-2 SL-832-2 S-440-2 CLS-M6-1 CLS-632-3 CLA-M4-2
SP-M5-2 SP-0616-1 S-M4-1 SL-632-2 S-440-1 CLS-M4-2 CLS-632-2 CLA-M3-2
SP-M5-1 SP-0420-2 S-M4-0 S-832-3 S-440-0 CLS-M4-1 CLS-632-1 CLA-440-1
SP-M5-0 SP-032-2 S-M3-2 S-832-2 S-0420-2 CLS-M3-2 CLS-440-3
SP-M4-2 SMPS-M3 S-M3-1 S-832-1 S-0420-1 CLS-M3-1 CLS-440-2

Self-Clinching Standoffs

TSOS-M25-1400 SOSG-6440-8 SOS-632-12 SOS-440-10 SO4-440-4 BSOS-M3-8 BSOS-440-12
BSO-M3-6 TSOS-256-187 SOSG-35M3-6 SOS-440-8 SOS-35M3-12 SO-440-6 BSOS-M3-6
BSOS-440-10 BSO-M3-12 TSOS-256-090 SOS-8169-6 SOS-440-6 SOS-032-4 SO-35M3-6
BSOS-M3-14 BSOS-35M3-8 BSO-632-32 TSO-256-187 SOS-6440-8 SOS-440-16 SO-M35-6
MSO4-M2-3 BSOS-M3-12 BSOS-35M3-12 BSO-632-10 SOS-M4-6 SOS-6440-6 SOS-440-14
SO-632-8 DSOS-440-250 BSOS-M3-10 BSO-M3-8 BSO4-M3-6 SOS-M3-6 SOS-632-8
SOS-440-12 SO-632-6 BSOS-M4-8 BSOS-632-10 BSO-M3-8 BSO-032-10

Flush-Head Stud

FHS-M5-15 FHS-M3-8 FHS-632-8 FHS-440-6 FH-M8-18 FH-M4-12 FH-632-5
FHS-M5-12 FHS-M3-10 FHS-632-6 FHS-440-5 FH-M6-18 FH-M4-10 FH-440-8
FHS-M4-8 FHS-832-8 FHS-632-4 FHS-440-12 FH-M5-12 FHA-032-8 FH-0518-12
FHS-M4-25 FHS-832-6 FHS-632-20 FHS-440-10 FH-M5-10 FH-832-16 FH-0420-12
FHS-M4-10 FHS-832-10 FHS-440-8 FHS-032-8 FH-M4-8 FH-632-6 FH-032-8

Miniature Self-Clinching Nuts

FEX-M3 FEX-440 FEO-440-MD FE-440-MD

Self-Clinching Flush Nuts

F-M4-2 F-M4-1 F-M3-2 F-M3-1 F-832-1 F-632-1 F-440-1

Flush-Head Pin

TPS-4MM-10 TPS-3MM-8 TPS-187-6

Self-Clinching Blind Fastener

BS-M6-1 BS-632-1 BS-440-1

Thin Sheet Non-Flush Stud

TFHS-M3-8 TFHS-632-4

Self-Clinching Lock Nut


Self-Clinching Micro Pin


In addition to our hardware library (most frequently used) more specific hardware options can be found at

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